Pendowo Corals is one of Indonesian wild corals exporter and cultured corals exporter / cultured corals supplier and wild corals supplier / live corals exporter / live corals supplier. Pendowo Corals commitment to make mutually business partnership, customer satisfaction and trust by improving our product quality and services. We are presented to you an Indonesian premium quality wild corals and cultured corals with CITES, Indonesia is the biggest archipelago nation in the world, it’s mean we have rich of corals variety in the world.

Pendowo Corals founded by 5 brothers in 2005, Two of them have started corals transplantation facility in 1991. We have culturing some corals species behind our facility, and now the cultured corals have grown into beautiful ocean garden reefs.  Name “ Pendowo “ taken from Javanese epic puppet history, which tells five brothers called “Pandawa Lima” who hard struggle to reach victory. Many of the values of honesty, consistency, courage, hard work and other noble values contained in this puppet story. This inspired us to bring all of that value in the business and offer it to our customers. We have many years experience in wild corals and cultured corals. Our facility located in Banyuwangi, small town located right at Bali’s strait seaside. Banyuwangi is a heart of majority Indonesia’s divers villages thus give us an undisputed advantages on the first hand selection of wild corals and invert from the divers and suppliers. Just right behind our facility is a long stretching Bali’s coral reefs and the best seawater quality.

We are attempting to create higher level of product quality and customer service better than others in the industry. In doing so we are committed to help our customers become more profitable and strong sense of satisfaction as a result of their business relationship with us. Pendowo Corals is a right place to import Indonesia’s high end exotic wild corals and cultured corals. We provided premium quality hand picked exotic corals from Indonesia’s wonderful ocean.